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Why do Black Women Prefer White Men?

The historical tension between both races might be one of the reasons of swirl dating: they seek some sort of truce. Generally, women want what they want and sometimes it might not be related to any reason in particular. According to statistics, 2 in every 10 black women marry outside their race. That said, there’s a reason why those ‘2’ would prefer a man outside their race. Let’s bring it home, at least 2 out of every 10 would marry white men. The question is why: why do these black women prefer white men? There are several reason why a black woman will prefer a white man but here are a few that we know of.

1. Most of the black guys they know are unattractive

Most black women who prefer date white men may have had terrible experiences with black guys therefore making up their mind to avoid being in a relationship with one. Such a woman would naturally prefer white men.

2. These ladies do things differently from others

They won’t do something just because others do it. They are the kinds that follow their heart and do what they think is right that including staying away from a black

3. White men seem more outspoken

Black women really appreciate outspokenness and some may find it more in white men

4. White men look much more responsible

If you see a man who goes to work in the morning, has coffee with friends, stops by the grocery, goes home to have dinner, the probability that he’s white is 3 out of 4.

5. White men got no drama

It is really difficult to see a white man with drama. A black woman needs a man who knows how to calm her when she’s going crazy not someone who would go crazy too. A white man may be the most suitable for this criterion.

6. Better life for her kids

A black woman knows what it means to be black, the struggles that come with it. How it affects the way you’re seen, the kind of job you allowed to have, and the opportunities that you can get. If a black woman has really experienced this while growing up, then she wouldn’t want her child to experience the same.

These are some general reasons why some black women prefer white men, other reason may be personal to the woman. The most important thing is that the woman is happy in her relationship.

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